Softphone Software Review vol. 8 — OnSIP


Our review goes on! Did you miss? We too.

Bria, Zoiper, Acrobits, Avaya, Cisco, 3CX — there are many of those who would like to parade them, challenge, and arise vs an opponent in our ring... but not today. Now we welcome OnSIP which is going to be vs Softphone.Pro.

Both are more or less blue in terms of logo color; however — as we will see soon — not odd or strange but wise and powerful like blue sky and blue ocean. Will someone be superior to another one?

So let's get a comparison started! What comes out of the blue?


Comparison criteria Softphone.Pro 4.11 OnSIP
🛈    Ergonomics / 2 clicks interface very good good
🛈    Headset compatibility very good n/a
🛈    Designed for any size teams very good good
🛈    Provisioning + security very good n/a
🛈    Integration with CRM and web services very good good
🛈    MS Excel and Google Sheets integration very good n/a
🛈    Click-to-call aka click-to-dial support very good good
🛈    BLF indication very good n/a
🛈    20+ reports yes n/a
🛈    SIP accounts supported 32 16
🛈    Notifications very good very good
🛈    Installer size / footprint 19 / 33 Mb 648 / 116 Mb
🛈    Price cheaper pricier


The final decision is always up to you, we just summarize. OnSIP is heavy and resource intensive; someone might find signup procedure unobvious and complicated. Softphone.Pro is leaner, cheaper, and more reporting; looks like a way to do more with less.

Here you can download OnSIP and form your own opinion.
Follow this link to download the latest version of Softphone.Pro and get 14 days for free.

See you soon!


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