Softphone.Pro vs Bria

We continue our series of articles about softphones. Here, we smoothly move on to comparing Bria and Softphone.Pro.


Bria has four pricing plans:

- Bria Solo Free

- Bria Solo

- Bria Teams

- Bria Enterprise

Bria Solo Free is a free version of the program which has an extremely limited set of functions. It can also only support connection to one device.

Bria Solo is designed for up to five accounts, has wider functionality than Bria Solo Free, and costs only $2.95 per month.

There are even more features in Bria Teams, although the number of accounts remains the same as in Bria Solo. This version will cost $4.95 per month.

The most feature-packed plan is Bria Enterprise. The price for it, like that of ZoiPer, is not indicated on the site however the set of features that can be included is known.

Softphone.Pro has only two options: Softphone.Pro itself, and Softphone.Pro Team.

Softphone.Pro is designed exclusively for calls. It contains various functions for fast and comprehensive call processing. This version of the program costs $1.99 per user.

Softphone.Pro Team helps in analyzing the quality of agent’s work and call processing. For $3.99, you get access to your personal account as well as the inclusion of many useful reports. You’ll also gain the ability to monitor the activity of all existing operators.


Let's compare the features offered by both programs.

Both programs have the same basic set of features, but Bria also has an extra set. Examples include video conferencing, file transfer, the ability to send SMS, integration with programs such as Microsoft Outlook and Office, Apple Mac Address Book, LDAP, anonymous calls, and more.

However, Softphone.Pro Team has more opportunities for a comprehensive analysis of the work of the call center. In addition to the account management and call analytics provided in Bria, Softphone.Pro Team allows you to listen to call recordings, watch the operator's screen recording, and evaluate the quality of their work. It can also analyze the distribution of working times for each operator. Other useful reports are available too, and you can get them in CVS or Excel format.


Both programs are perfect for call centers of all sizes. Bria provides many features for teamwork and communication with clients in addition to making calls.

Softphone.Pro, meanwhile, gives you more opportunities to analyze the work of operators in order to receive maximum benefits. It also provides you with the ability to correct shortcomings in small periods of time.

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