Softphone.Pro vs MicroSIP

In previous articles, we compared Softphone.Pro with softphones from Bria and ZoiPer. Now, it’s MicroSIP's turn.


MicroSIP is a free software. There’s no information on the official website about the availability of tariffs or paid versions of the softphone.

Softphone.Pro and Softphone.Pro Team respectively cost $1.99 and $3.99 per user. However, for such a small amount, you get many more options. Below, we’ll tell you a little more about them.


According to the website, MicroSIP includes audio and video calling, messaging, echo cancellation during calls, customizable TLS/SRTP encryption, and a few more minor features. The program has been translated into several languages and can be used by people with visual impairments (the softphone is read from the screen by special programs).

Softphone.Pro supports more functions. For example, there’s the possibility of analyzing the work of the call center, the function of playing pre-recorded audio, recording the call itself, the transfer button with and without consultation, call holds, and so on and so forth. However, there’s no video calling or messaging capabilities.


MicroSIP, in our opinion, is perfect for a small call center that does not need in-depth work with calls. Or those who are not ready to pay for additional call processing functions. This softphone has a minimal set of functions, simple designs, and a low weight.

Softphone.Pro and Softphone.Pro Team are suitable for companies with a deeper interest in call quality. For example, an outsourced call center would be a good candidate for either of them. Many useful features, as well as their large buttons, make this softphone convenient for long-term use and accurate analysis of work. A small price acts as a nice bonus as well.

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