Softphone.Pro vs ZoiPer

There’s no shortage of call center software in today's market. However, it can take time to find the perfect program which suits your needs.

Therefore, we want to make the search a little easier and in doing so, we’ve written a series of articles in which we’ll compare our Softphone.Pro with other similar software. Let's start with ZoiPer.


Zoiper is a softphone for businesses of all sizes. There are three modes: Free, Premium, and On Demand.

1. The free version includes only basic functions and, according to the site, it is not intended for commercial use.

2. "Premium" includes additional functions such as integration with CRM, video call, voicemail, call recording, and more. The Premium mode costs €49.95.

3. The "On Demand" tariff is designed specifically for each user, and the cost is formed based on the resulting list of functions.

For iPhone, this program will cost $4.99 whereas for Android, it’s installed free of charge with the possibility of in-house purchases.

Softphone.Pro is also suitable for businesses of all sizes. Unlike ZoiPer, which has a tariff system, there are two versions here: Softphone.Pro, and Softphone.Pro Team. The free trial period lasts two weeks and gives access to all functions, so the user’s able to decide whether the program is right for them or not.

Softphone.Pro is a program that includes the functions of a conventional softphone; integration of the phone book, auto-answer with calls, the playing of a recorded message, etcetera. This software costs $1.99 per user.

Softphone.Pro Team is an extended version of the program that provides access to many useful functions. For example, to diversified reports, the ability to listen to call recordings, and the ability to view the agent's actions whilst working with a client. Access to your personal account costs $3.99 per user.


In general, the set of functions in both programs is similar; integration of contacts from CVS, auto-answer, call holding, call transfers, voicemail, call via links, and more. However, ZoiPer, in our opinion, has an interface which resembles Skype’s. There’s the possibility of video calls and chats with contacts, which makes its use possible for outside of the business.

Softphone.Pro, in turn, was created specifically for the call center, so it’s focused more on analytics of work processes and convenience during long-term use. For this, not only was an intuitive interface with large buttons created, but the ability to analyze the performance of each agent and receive this data in any format is convenient to utilize as well.

In addition, agents don’t need to perform more than two steps to transfer a call to a colleague. The function of playing the recorded message also allows you to stop having to say the same greeting time and time again.

The CRM integration is also different.

ZoiPer "cooperates" with such systems as:






Softphone.Pro integrates with:

Zoho CRM


Zendesk CRM


Of the differences, it’s also worth noting that ZoiPer supports more headset manufacturers.


Both programs are perfect for businesses of any size and focus. However, no matter how it looks, Softphone.Pro is more suitable for call center work.

As stated above, ZoiPer is focused on providing an extensive list of features for effective call handling. And in some ways, it really does resemble Skype.

Softphone.Pro allows the entire call center to work fully and efficiently. Agents will be comfortable working with the program for a long time thanks to the interface and minimization of actions for quick call processing. Meanwhile, department managers will be able to track and evaluate the effectiveness of each employee in order to correct shortcomings and receive maximum benefits.

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