Softphone.Pro 4.3 and Softphone.Pro Team update

Recently, Softphone.Pro specialists have released a number of updates that make working with the application easier and more comfortable.

1. Agent's Teams filter in Reports

In the Reports tab, you can now filter agents into specific teams. This will help you to better understand the results of each team's work.


2. "Join related inbound calls" in Call log

In the case of several calls at the same time from one client, the table can become cluttered with the information. This can make the analysis of the operator’s quality of work a bit difficult. The update will allow you to combine these types of calls into one group, and the waiting time will be summed up. The merge criteria can be configured by going to Settings > My Profile.


3. Default configuration template

Thanks to this update, if the Softphone.Pro settings have to be changed, you no longer have to manually edit them for each agent. It’s enough to make changes in the default template, where the differences will then automatically appear for everyone.


4. Pause SIP registration, if the status is "ACW" and "Away"

This function will allow the agent to handle the call without haste, and the PBX will only dial to free lines. This will significantly reduce the waiting time for the client’s response.


5. New "Comment" and "Reminder" fields

In the ACW window, these fields assist in keeping a complete record of the client, as well as preventing the agent from missing the next call date.


6. New event handler "ACW finished"

This function will allow the operator not to waste time entering information into the CRM. All records will automatically be sent to a third-party system alongside information on the call itself.


7. Improved the integration of Jabra headsets. You can read more about headsets in our article "How to choose a call center headset".

8. Added German, Polish, Dutch, and Danish languages.

Our specialists have also made several other fixes, including:

- Improved NAT traversal algorithms, in order to address the one-way hearing problem

- Fixed bugs with gathering information about the clients from Hubspot

- Improved overall stability on Mac.

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