Softphone.Pro vs Linphone

This is another article in a series of comparisons that’ll focus on comparing Softphone.Pro and Linphone.


Linphone has two versions of the program:

1. A free open-source softphone, licensed house, released under the GNU GPL license

2. A personalized program with a closed code, the price for which is not indicated on the site.

Softphone.Pro offers two options for using the program: Softphone.Pro, and Softphone.Pro Team. The first one helps to process calls with high quality, and the second one provides more opportunities for analyzing the work of the call center.

They’ll respectively cost $1.99 and $3.99 per user.


Despite the fact that Linphone is free to download, the program provides an extensive list of features for a quality call experience. Some overlap with Softphone.Pro's capabilities. A few examples include call control (auto answer, transfer), call recordings, and playbacks.

However, the Linphone softphone has more functions for communication between colleagues. These include files and messaging, video conferencing, audio conferencing, and more. The site also claims quite a lot of opportunities to improve the call quality.

Softphone.Pro pays more attention to the convenience of operators during prolonged use of the softphone. Some features include an intuitive interface with large buttons, the playing of a recorded message during calls, small, pop-up windows notifying incoming calls, call tagging, and more.

It’s also possible to integrate your contact list from a third-party program or file. In Linphone, this function is available only in the mobile version.

In addition to the capabilities listed above, Softphone.Pro Team has many useful reports that help you quickly, accurately, and comprehensively analyze the work of call center agents. Time calculation, screen capture, general reports on calls, and reports on the quality of outgoing calls are just a few examples.

Obviously, for $3.99 per user, you get access to a lot more useful features.


Linphone, in our opinion, is ideal for negotiations within a team. The program has quite a lot of opportunities for conferences, as well as the function of exchanging messages and files.

Softphone.Pro, meanwhile, is more suitable for communication with clients. The softphone doesn’t have opportunities for group communication or video calls, but there are many analytical reports and functions that facilitate the work of agents in the meantime.

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