Monitoring of calls in real time

Any manager is concerned about his employees’ performance. With that in mind, softphone manufacturers have provided functions for online monitoring. They allow you to listen to the ongoing call and prompt the employee in case of difficulties.

In our view, real-time monitoring is slightly more effective than recording a conversation with a client, because in this case, the possibility of immediate, but invisible to the client intervention will help to avoid reputation losses.

Let's consider several options for when these functions can be used.

1. If the communication with the client is heating up

It is fairly easy to understand that the session is not going right if you start hearing the following kind of phrases:

"I'm sorry it makes you feel so emotional."

"I will be glad to help you if you calm down."

"If you keep talking to me in this manner, I will have to interrupt the call."

Using online monitoring will help gather more information about the problem before suggesting a solution.

The prompting function will allow you to propose the best way out of the situation to the operator.

2. When monitoring new operators

To help newbies gain experience and correct mistakes when they first interact with a customer.

It works the other way too.

When a beginner needs to observe the work of an experienced operator. In this way the new employee can listen to the conversations of colleagues staying in his place and not interfering with them.

3. To improve metric performance

If the data check shows that some operators take longer to process calls, online monitoring will help clarify the reasons and discuss them with employees.

These options clearly show how useful the online monitoring function can be.

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