PhonerLite Alternative for Call Centers

This article will compare Phonerlite and Softphone.Pro. We have already written about Zoiper, MicroSIP, Bria and Linphone. All articles can be found on our blog. For now, let's get back to the comparison.

What is Phonerlite

Phonerlite is a popular free softphone for personal and commercial use with the ability to create multiple profiles and conveniently switch between them. With it, you can receive and make calls. The program is completely free, does not have a trial period.

The following Phonerlite functions are available to the user:

• The conference

• Phone book in csv format

• Google contacts

• Ability to call SIP links from the browser

• Automatic volume leveling and noise reduction functions

• Ability to use without SIP server

• Call history

The program has been translated into several languages and is constantly being updated.

About Softphone.Pro

Softphone.Pro is a paid softphone for small and medium businesses with a free two-week period. During this time, you can try all the functions that interest you. However, after the expiration date, the program will cost $4.99 per year per user.

Our softphone was developed not only taking into account the difficulties of operators' hours of work, but also the need to handle as many calls as possible. Therefore, Softphone.Pro has large buttons that do not strain the tired eyes, and all typical actions (call transfer, conference, redial, etc.) are performed in two clicks. features include Phonerlite features, but are supplemented by the following:

• "Post-processing" status, which can be limited by time

• Integration with most popular CRM

• Pop-up customer card with an incoming call

• Tagging of processed calls

• Comments to the call, which will be saved in CRM and will be available to all operators.

Etc. Our Knowledge Base has detailed articles on all Softphone.Pro features.

Softphone.Pro Team functions

For call center managers, our team has developed Softphone.Pro Team. It brings together a variety of reports and metrics to help you track your department's performance. For example, eavesdropping and prompting functions, thanks to which a more experienced colleague or supervisor can listen to the conversation with the client in real time and suggest the most correct solution to the client's problem.

Softphone.Pro is also translated into 9 languages: English, Polish, Danish, Dutch, Spanish, German, French, Romanian, Portuguese.

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