Issabel PBX: Top 3 Softphones (2021 Update)

Issabel PBX is a free open source platform based on Asterisk.

On the basis of Issabel, you can organize an office PBX with standard functionality, and an advanced call center.

Main functions:

• Voice greeting and menu (IVR).

• Call queues with support for several strategies for calling free operators.

• Voice mail.

• Transfer a call to a colleague.

• Conference calls with unlimited number of participants.

• Audio recording of calls.

• Several simple statistical reports on incoming calls.

What is Issabel

Issabel is a software product, which is very convenient to use: install it on a server in your office, turning it into an office PBX, or into a cloud data center, and it will become a cloud PBX.

However, do not forget that this is only a program. To make and receive calls, you must conclude an agreement with an IP-telephony operator, which will provide city numbers and communication services.

Who is Issabel suited to?

Issabel developers position their product as a universal communication platform. However, its main purpose is for call centers. Therefore, the main module of the program is the Call Center.

It allows you to customize the rules for handling calls by operators, create forms for post-processing calls, and view statistics on the call center in special reports.

Issabel or FreePBX

Both manufacturers call their programs universal.

«One of our goals is to make the platform (Issabel) evolve into what you might need, no matter what your needs»

« in is translated as . Because FreePBX, the world's most popular open source IP PBX, provides its users with the tools to build a phone system tailored to their needs.»

Another similarity is worth noting: both programs are based on Asterisk.

But, despite this, a certain specialization can be traced in each of them.

FreePBX is more focused on PBX capabilities. It is a long-standing product, well known and widely used in the world: millions of downloads in all countries, with 20,000 new installations monthly.

Issabel PBX entered the market relatively recently. Their official website started in 2017, but the firm has been on social media since 2016. Its founder, Nicholas Gaudino, is known for several more of his FOP2 and Asternic Call Center Stats products, which are also focused on call centers.

Call center based on Issabel

Let's study the main module of the program better. In its arsenal, there are the following features:

1. Statistical reporting:

1.1. About breaks, details of calls,

1.2. Number of calls per hour,

1.3. Distribution of calls by operators,

1.4. Waiting time for a response,

1.5. Login and logout times,

1.6. The number of successful incoming calls,

1.7. How long the operator worked per day.

2. Online reports:

2.1. Operator monitoring,

2.2. Monitoring of incoming calls,

2.3. Operator number,

2.4. Call type

2.5. Number of answered calls

2.6. Operator statuses

3. Functions:

3.1. Automated operator

3.2. IVR - Interactive Voice Response

3.3. Automatic call distribution

3.4. Call recording

3.5. Multi language interface

3.6. «Do Not Call List» Support

3.7. «Prompt»

3.8. Queue call handling

3.9. Call counting

3.10. Integration with CRM

And much more.

These are far from all the opportunities provided by Issabel for the successful operation of a call center of any type. Thanks to the software, you will be able to thoroughly analyze your processes and correct the points that hinder productivity.

Softphones that work with Issabel

The program supports any SIP softphone, so the list below is of the most popular programs:

1. Softphone.Pro is a specialized softphone for call centers.

2. Zoiper is a universal softphone with several tariffs.

3. MicroSIP is a free Windows softphone with an outdated interface.


Suitable for businesses of all sizes. The softphone was developed taking into account the need to quickly process a large number of calls and the long-term work of operators.



- There are versions for Windows and Mac.

- User-friendly interface with large buttons.

- Ability to scale the interface. Easily adjusts to any screen extension.

- Post-processing and call tagging mode.

- Automatic audio recording, including stereo. This makes it easy to integrate the softphone into voice recognition systems such as Yandex SpeechKit and Google Speech-to-Text.

- Saving data on the operator's working time.

- The widest possibilities of integration with CRM and Helpdesk - a call on click, a pop-up customer card, saving a call log with audio and video recordings. And all this without a programmer.

- Saving data on the operator's working time.

- Softphone.Pro Team - a personal account with advanced functions: centralized configuration, online dashboard, more than 15 reports.


- No Linux version

Price: $4.99


A softphone for businesses of any size. This program has three tariffs: Free, Premium and Customized.



- There are versions for Windows, Mac and Linux. And also for phones.

- Several tariffs, making it possible to choose the price and functions to suit your needs.


- Lack of versatility makes the softphone unsuitable for intensive use in call centers.

- Limited integration with CRM and Helpdesk.

- High price.

Price: €49


Free softphone with limited functionality and outdated interface.



- Works on computers of any age.

- Multi language interface.


- Unattractive interface.

- There is no auto-tuning feature, which is very important for call centers.

Price: Free

Softphone.Pro is the best choice for Issabel

Softphone.Pro is the most suitable softphone for a call center based on Issabel.

Compared to other "contenders", Softphone.Pro is the most affordable and has the best range of functions. Among the listed functions: screen capture of the operator, integration with any CRM and Helpdesk programs, many reports for the supervisor and managers; for example, eavesdropping and prompting - unique opportunities presented only in our program.

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