Yes, we DID: 5 awesome VoIP terms that might make you smile


It's par for the course — you use a program day by day and every day the same routine.

But at some point you open the settings and see something you might find arcane or evoking bizarre associations... or just peculiar. We took a good look at our Softphone.Pro that you know backwards and forwards — and found five such words, there they are.



No, this is not the first Terminator model. And not a set of Magic the Gathering cards. And not Tier 1 capital ratio too. In our case this word stands for a kind of service using Voice over IP (VoIP) to transport calls over public or private IP networks. If you use a headset to speak with your clients, T1 is what makes it possible.



No, this is not BRA, there is no mistype. This is also not connected with brew. As for us, BRI is a method to access a digital network — if you use a softphone (whatever though we would recommend Softphone.Pro) it is already stored there. By the way, we think that the name of the quite known solution BRIA originated exactly from here.



No, that does not mean Big Yellow Eggplant or Between Your Ears. This is a special command that terminates a call. Softphone.Pro adds end-of-call statistics to BYE message, it's useful for diagnostics. When you hear on the phone no intelligible speech but murmur and noise, your admin will start troubleshooting from BYE. Say BYE to quality issues and say hello to Softphone.Pro that has this good option.



You might guess it’s bovine lactoferrin or bus load forecast… nice try! Actually, it’s a bit different: Busy Lamp Field. On your desk phone (or hard phone, that’s the same) it may look like


BLF looks like


Softphones have this function too – you see who of your colleagues are online, offline or busy at the moment. In Softphone.Pro contacts with BLF ON status are listed on the top – it takes just a glance to get a picture.



Oh yes, among all the words mentioned herein this one is definitely the champion in terms of possible acronym meanings. To make the long story short, let's pass all except one, namely Direct Inward Dialing – to put it simply, it's a number your company got from a telephony provider. You can also get it from Softprone.Pro, it may be of use when it's needed to send it to another system you use e.g. CRM, please see how-to here.


Heigh-ho, we DID a tremendous job and you now got +5 to wisdom and luck. Don't worry, be happy, phone professionally with Softphone.Pro ♥

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