Welcome version 4.9: extra reliability, new Google Contacts sync


Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the stage the new release. Version 4.9 is going to grace us with long awaited features — so what’s new?


New Google Contacts Sync

Some time ago, as many noticed, the Don't be evil Corporation surprisingly changed the API. Pretty much everything changed, and in order to avoid malfunction we brought everything into new sync, now it works even better than before. C — care ;)


Failproof License Key

License key is now checked whatever DNS infrastructure. We made it more failproof and envisaged plan B and even C — flawless operation is provided by several servers simultaneously.


BLF above all

Contacts with BLF ON are listed on the top. Now it takes just a glance to get the picture. Time is money!


SIP BYE message

Softphone.Pro now sends diagnostic info to the SIP server after call end. You can see this on the server real time or log it and sort it out later.


Limited access for agents in Team console

Operators now have limited access to an account and can see their own productivity — a number of calls made and hours worked. No worry about sensitive info: phone numbers are hidden behind asterisks after the manner of +1 516 ***15. There are three customization options available: show first N digits, show last N digits, or hide all.

And last but not least! — one more Team’s peachy feature.


Who, when, and how long

We guess you agree with us: alongside with total productivity, it's also important to know that all the leads got proper attention. So here comes another new report form — a list of unique numbers with call attempts stats. All numbers active: by click it shows who/when made a call, as well as call duration and its result. Customers for life. Great approach and book we are inspired by.


Should you suddenly realized there is no happiness without these beautiful abilities provided by the SoftPhone.Pro 4.9 you can download it for free here. If you desire even more — real-time monitoring, provisioning, charts — just sign up here and get 14 free days.


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