Top 3 most expected features in 2022: call centers requirements to softphones


This article is about softphone features that are extremely important for the vast majority of call centers worldwide.

But today we start from afar… from body parts and a couple of stupid questions :)

Accounting or calls? R&D or sales? What is more important?

That’s definitely an IQ (idiotic question) — and looks like an attempt to compare ears and hands. Sure, both are important but purposes differ. Since we want to compare something, we shall take birds of a feather. If we take hands, we can compare the importance of fingers. If we take softphones, we can point out the most important features. So if you are a call center we guess you agree that the matters of highest priority are the following.


Performance measurement

Of course, you would like to measure your agents efficiency and know how many calls they make. We can hardly say the choice is wide, it shrinks to a couple of options. Just a softphone in such a case cannot provide you with such info, you need something more powerful.

First — and this is our editors’ choice — you can start using Softphone.Pro Team. Realtime dashboards, screen capture, reports, analytics, even ACW and tags. By the ratio price-capabilities this is a chart-topper and number one. $7.99/user per month is about an agent's hourly wage or even less, given that other softphones have no such buildup at all.

Alternatively, you can pay attention to platforms like Five9, or NICE WFM, or Genesys Cloud, or Avaya Contact Center and so on (and forgo your favorite Asterisk in favor of the platform's built-in PBX). Besides attention, you will also have to pay a tidy sum of money. We are not picking your pocket but used to think that a penny saved is a penny earned.

Third way is to reinvent the wheel and do something homegrown. No comment.

No matter which PBX you use: Softphone.Pro Team works with any, in terms of performance measurements this is the most cost-effective and powerful solution. Absolute champion and real catch.


Provisioning and remote administration

You hired a new agent. What if he or she faces some difficulties with settings? What if you have a hundred agents?

You dismissed an agent. What if he or she knows SIP credentials? What if he or she still can make calls or see clients phone numbers?

How many admins do you need to cope with all such situations and human factors? What if your admin is an outside contractor and not available right now?

No worry, don’t panic. With Softphone.Pro Team there is no need for an admin, you can do everything by yourself. No need to dig Asterisk, everything can be made in Team’s interface, it’s friendly and simple. As easy as ABC.


Integration with CRM and any other software

You use CRM — Zoho, Zendesk, Pipedrive, Hubspot, you name it. Softphone.Pro is easily integrated with any. You see calls in CRM and moreover can open an account page by clicking on the client's name in Softphone.Pro.

You use a specific industry business solution — medical, constructional, agricultural, chemical, aeronautical… It’s insomuch specific that only a thousand people in the whole world know its name. You know what? Softphone.Pro will work with your software anyway through the built-in Event Handler. No more “Save as CSV” or copy to Notepad — open the gates to direct integration.

Should you need to obtain a caller name from a third party software, just configure Softphone.Pro to call a web-service on inbound call ringing. The Caller Name and Company Name will be provided in JSON format and shown in the inbound call notification window.

It is also far more likely that you make calls using ”callto:”, “tel:”, and “sip:” links. Enable that feature in Softphone.Pro, let your agent be faster and save the time… and money.


Thank you for reading this text. To express our appreciation and save your time we would like to give you a shortcut to the solution you deserve — here you are. Try it free and use it for the benefit of your business and your clients.


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