4 gutty softphone features in 2022: what makes agents cry and cheer


Man is condemned to be free of choice. Sounds funny… but reasonably — how much better would our life be if we had the only option, right?

The only dress, the only handy, the only partner for life… Yes, we are kidding. Thank heavens we can choose! It takes all sorts of everything to make our beautiful world complete!

But as for softphones, the story has gone too far away. There are plenty, lots and lots, and zounds how many: free, paid, opensource, proprietary, with or without video etc. — Cisco Jabber for Windows, Acrobits for Android, Zoiper for iOS, Phonerlite, Mitel, Grandstream, Ringcentral, Avaya, papaya, MicroSIP, MacroSomething… Oh dear, shall we start worrying?

Relax, don’t do it.

Sure, it would be nice to have a profound softphones review 2022 to compare alternatives. (And we have to say we are working on it.) It is expected soon; but right now let us simply point out the top 4 features that will make you love your job if you are to call 8 hours in a row. But if your softphone has none of them… there is a very thin line between love and hate. So let your employer know, ask and insist on.


1. Suitable for long use

Uncomfortable clothes, inconvenient routes, non-ergonomic chair — we are quite sure it is not about you. And rightly so! Your softphone must be cozy too so it makes sense to take a closer look at Softphone.Pro, it is just the kind of.


2. Fast and time-saving

How often do agents use their softphones? We guess it is safe to say — hundreds times a day. That’s why we designed Softphone.Pro with an extremely friendly interface: large buttons, any action just in 2 clicks. Does your softphone do that?

Look, if you perform one click more and spend just one second on it — it costs you fifty thousand seconds annually. It is 14 hours, the whole day while you are awake — and you could walk, travel, hike, swim, tub, meet friends and parents, be with kids, have the time of your life! Time is a nonrenewable resource.


3. Simple and close at hand

There are two usual ways to dial, num pad and mouse. (When we release the app with voice recognition there will be a third way.) Should you use a mouse your job is easy and pleasant: large buttons are an easy target, misclicks are as rare as dogs in space.

Contacts, transfer/mute/pause keys, phone recordings are easy to reach and large too. Any action always hits the nail on the head.


4. Light and working on low-end PC

Let's look around: ads everywhere, corporations want us to buy new gadgets. More memory, more megapixels, faster processors, better for 4K, ultra, dazzling, elite, supreme — it’s an endless story and everlasting race. Do we really need to buy a new PC every year? Actually, no.

Softphone.Pro has a small footprint and will work on any computer made 5 or even 10 years ago: Windows 7-10, MacOS 10.10 or newer, 100 MB disk storage — that’s enough. Download it here and get 14 free days. As for the old app, consign it to the dustbin of history. Way to go!

Let the people loose it,
Let the people use it,
Let the people boogie… and phone professionally. Thank you, Mr. Bowie :)


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