World Telecommunication Day


Today is the World Telecommunications Day — it is about communication, one of the most important factors in our life. The major goal is to highlight its importance and express how information goes across the world. (The end of officialese.)

Voice over IP, obviously — this is how the info goes across the world. No way otherwise, we guess so. How can anyone think different?

The story started in 1865. That year International Telegraph Union (ITU) was formed to support the emerging communication methods. Then were such remarkable breakthroughs as telephone invention in 1876 the birth of the Internet in the 60s. Finally, people came to the idea of VoIP and now we have notable solutions by Cisco, Avaya, Mitel, Linphone, Grandstream, Counterpath, PhonerLite, Zoiper, 3CX, Acrobits, Blink, MicroSIP, you name it. The review and comparison will be later, now just mention the names.

Right now it would be no exaggeration to say that softphones are the forefront of communication.

Softphones connect people.
Softphone.Pro does it professionally.


In honour of this beautiful day you can both download Softphone.Pro and get 14 days free.


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