Missed calls: PBX screwups or agents cheating?


Call center daily grind: Houston, we have a problem, we miss calls.

How come? Really? Again?!


The situation is as old as the world.

A supervisor's job is to provide as high an answer rate as possible. With that, it is unlikely one can say that all the agents always work hard enough for this. Actually, no. To put my heart and soul into my work... or trick the system? The second sounds kinda good...


A hundred years ago Frederick Winslow Taylor, a person of keen intellect and father of scientific management, said: a supervisor required. Otherwise, the quality leaves a great deal to be desired.

Much water has flown under the bridge since that time. Humankind got Internet, mobile phones, Youtube and satellite technologies. In HR management nothing changed. A supervisor is still required.


As for the post topic, the possible reasons for missed calls are PBX screwups, wrong call distribution, lack of personnel, and agents cheating. Practically, some may cheat with after-call-work (until the button is not pressed no call comes in although ACW is done); or simply ignore incoming calls, or hang them up under a specious excuse.

This is why we made a new report: now it's possible to investigate a situation — there is a special window with an agent status timeline that shows the real reason why the call got missed.


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