Asternic's killer? Queuemetrics' destroyer? Or cool tool for Asterisk Log Stats? You decide.


Let's start the new month with the charge of good news and vivacity!

We made a good... no, probably nice... no, we'd rather say great tool for Asterisk Log Stats! It's now a part of our Softphone.Pro Team addon and you don't need to pay a thousand bucks for Asternic or Queuemetrics. We kindly ask and strongly recommend you to try it as...

It is compatible with any PBX, not only Asterisk-based.

It allows to see what agents do at the call time — audio record plays synchro with the screen capture, a good stuff for work on mistakes and quality improve.

It provides not Queues reports only but outbound performance info as well.

You can comment any point in your agent's call record. (We wanted to ask if it could somehow improve your work but thought it would be a rhetorical question.)

Finally, it's not analytical tool only, it's a good softphone as well — light, speedy, ergonomical, well-designed and suitable for everyday call routine.


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