Softphone.Pro 5.0


Softphone.Pro is well known as a solution widely distributed in call centers and helpdesks. It has proved to be capable of challenging counterparts and alternatives — Bria, Zoiper, 3CX, MicroSIP, Phonerlite and many others. (By the way, here you'll find comparisons vs dozens of softphones — best softphone software review of 2022.)

Now welcome the quite new generation — 5.0 is already released and promises great UX and new bliss levels.


Softphone.Pro 5.0


Is it even legal?!

Sure cause we developed it following Jef Raskin's and Alan Cooper's precepts, and in strict accordance with the Fitts's and Hick's laws. We did a tremendous job and now are delighted to present our new masterpiece, which is extremely informative, ergonomic... and amazingly cute.

Customize it on your own: instantly switch between dual- and multi-windows modes or make it even very compact if you wish.


Nothing compares to this

It also shows what you have asked us about a number of times: agents work stats which is available to themselves — performance bars and work time charted. It's a really good self-control tool and a transparent relationship basis that is never superfluous either..

Besides, it traditionally and seamlessly works out of the box with Zoho, Zendesk, Hubspot, and Pipedrive.


And that means...

...and that means it's high time to change gear into 5.0 and start using (or update it if you already use it — have we already said you're brilliant?).



Get the 5.0 version

and keep calm ;)




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