Do you allow agents to know their productivity in the moment? (We do.)


Would you agree with the concept that online performance monitoring is good not only for a supervisor but for an agent too? (The author of this post wears a smart wristband and hopes you know the value of such info too.) An athlete and a coach, an engine and a driver, performance at school and parents, a space station and Houston. Yes, it goes without saying.

But some limit their agents by worked hours info without any other details — no calls made or received, no time distribution, no activities. We guess it's because of complex settings and challenging log stats — say, yeah, we miss some opportunities, but no time to grieve, our grandfathers did so and we will survive, down to work, time is money...

In fact, a couple of minutes for installation and settings — and you will say: 1) it's possible, 2) it's simple, 3) it's nice. As easy as 1-2-3.

Transparency is a good policy, best practice, and sound foundation for relations with empoyees and mutual trust.


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