Eggs, SIP accounts, and fail-safety


Sure you know the proverb about all eggs and one basket. The same is true with regard to SIP accounts.

Experienced call center pros have several SIP accounts — due to fail-safe reasons or projects aims/tasks; it also often happens that accounts are given by the client. Anyway, a modern contact center software should support multiple accounts.

We guess usually 16 SIP accounts are quite enough for the vast majority of possible situations but some clients desire more, so we did 32. It's more then Zoiper offers — we reviewed and compared many softphone software so we say knowledgeably. (By the way, visit the Comparison Page, be our guest. There you will find reviews and comparisons vs Bria, Zoiper, 3CX, MicroSIP, and many other softphones.) As far as we know, this is the world highscore in our niche. Perhaps it makes no sense to call guys from the Guinness book, let's just record it here ;)


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