Top Tools for Queue Log Stats. Softphone.Pro Team vs Asternic.


This article is about solutions for Queue log stats analysis tools. There are several products more or less widely distributed in the world and used for contact center tasks — one of them is named Asternic, today it's a guest star in our blog. Let's take a close look at what it represents.

First of all, it makes sense to visit the Asternic's official website — on the very first screen it promises




"accurate information for call center activity: nice formatted tables and informative charts... option to export the reports to pdf and csv... myriad of metrics available: Service Level Agreement, Abandon Rates, Call Distributions, Agent Activity and a lot more"


Good, very good! Visual charts are much better than big tables that are difficult for perception. Export abilities are a must, that goes without saving. SLA, distribution, activity etc. are also extremely welcomed.

By the way — if you use Softphone.Pro you have the same in Team addon, there is no need to install another program (and pay a good money for this but we will talk about it a bit below). For example: this is how Team interface looks like




Inbound, outbound, SLA, stats by agent — whatever. One more sight: inbounds by time, we call it heatmap. If someone sees an analogy with Google Analytics, we can only say — great minds think alike :)




But let's go on.


"used in small SOHO call centers and also on big of breed Asterisk solutions since 2004"


Team is a bit younger, since 2017. On the other hand — a young up-and-comer, unspotted look and everything. As for SOHO, Team is chosen by clients from 50 countries and all continents excepting Antarctica; besides, it proved to provide stable and seamless work in big (500+ agents) companies, we wrote about it not long ago.


To 500 and beyond


“three flavors: a free version with limited capabilities under the GPL v3, a commercial version with a lot of extra features and reports, and the same commercial version including full PHP source code"


In other words, pricing is — free, $500, $2000. The last sum looks especially impressive. However, let's slow down in counting other people's money, we just give a bit of information about Softphone.Pro which costs $4.99 for a dialer and $7.99 for a combo of dialer and Team dashboard. In fact, you pay for Team 3 dollars monthly and get unlimited updates while you use it. Actually

for such money you can analyze calls and activity of 9 agents for 6 years.


So why not try Softphone.Pro Team and form your own opinion. Sign up here and get 14 day for free.




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