How to find growth points if you are a contact center


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For profit-focused call- and contact centers, identifying growth opportunities is crucial in terms of revenue, conversion rate, customer satisfaction, and staff motivation. Here's how.


Contact centers may be either cost centers or revenue generators, or somewhere in between. There can be lots of driving forces behind that shift, such as big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning and many others. We are impressed by the methodological approach that can help team leaders to personalize customer experiences, unlock insights, coach teams and reduce tensions inside them.

Here are 4 notable cases to consider.


1. Improving agent soft skills

Companies focused on delivering happiness to clients understand the value of empathy. Expressing empathy statements to acknowledge a customer’s feelings shows that you care. That quickly and easily improves important call center KPIs such as Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT), Supervisor Escalations Index, as well as conversion and customer retention rate.

We guess AI could be a leverage to deeper understand and digging growth points. For example, we know the cases where companies managed to find new opportunities such as products, services, and regions it might serve next.


2. Better conversations in the moment

Two top practices: hire and allocate best conversationalists and grow your own team of talk masters. As for the first, summon your HR to help you. In case of the second one, that cannot go without you — if you are going to develop your own agents, listening and prompting turn to be a significant part of your job. We know many ways how contact centers try to do this; in our opinion, it is best accomplished in Softphone.Pro:

You can hear both the Agent and client channels, nobody hears you.

Prompt something to the Agent to help with a hitch. You can hear both the Agent and client channels and the Agent can also hear you but the client hears the Agent only.

That works in both channels. Your channel is joined onto the Agent and client channels, all parties can hear each other. Show master class and teach your agents by example.


3. Automating QA evaluations and combining call records with agent's activity

If you are exploring the calls and looking for examples of "well done" and "to improve", pay attention to Softphone.Pro. That's as easy as ABC: enable video capture to make it play synchronously with audio recording. When you need to point some moments out — just add a bookmark or leave a comment to the talk record.



4. Accessing real-time agent and team performance data

Evaluate and score calls in seconds down from hours, your time is a non-renewable resource. With a help from Softphone.Pro Team, supervisors see detailed reports on agents and work groups activity and performance.

We highlight a Big Three — three solutions that are best for contact center stats and metrics: Asternic, QueueMetrics, and Softphone.Pro Team. Alternatives are also present on the market but remain outside for the purposes of this article.

Asternic and QueueMetrics are pretty well known however rather expensive; to see more pros and cons follow this link. Softphone.Pro Team is cheaper and well-supported; in short, it offers the same functionality for less money.



Besides, an agent can see personal stats on his or her own side: such transparency reduces mistrust and is a good employer policy.



Great opportunities

New technologies and solutions will be the drivers behind contact transformation and move to the new levels. Keeping focus on automation, performance, efficiency, and soft skills, will lead to great CX, agent effectiveness, and desired bottom line. We guess, this is just a matter of time.




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