You run a call center. Just fancy — you need...


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You run a call center. Just fancy — you need
Asternic. You try it and buy it indeed...
Expensive! — is signalling your inner voice.
Softphone.Pro is cheaper. Might be better choice.

QueueMetrics maybe? Another attempt.
That looks pretty solid, and simple, and kempt.
But everything changes yeah when money talks,
Softphone.Pro jumps out like Jack-in-the-box,

And goes ahead, and ranks number one.
The choice is made, and the project is done.
You're lucky, you're happy, you're Person of Year,
And now it's seamless, all simple and clear.

Queue log and dashboards, and perfect workflow,
And charts, and reports — it's easy to go
Where everything's well and anything's nice.
The Team is to serve you and to analyze.


Try Softphone.Pro Team and get 14 days for free.




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