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Dear friends, we have already reviewed a score of softphones for you.


There are direct comparisons like "Bria vs Zoiper" however we mostly took Softphone.Pro as a benchmark and baseline for comparing. And that means that you can compare any reviewed solutions — like Cisco vs 3CX, or MicroSIP vs PhonerLite, or you name it. These comparisons will be indirect via Softphone.Pro but factful anyway.

We guess it's a useful feature for those who used to choose thoughtfully. For navigation and scrolling please use Space, or PgUp/PgDn, or alphabetical quick links: 0-9, A-C, D-J, L-Z.

This is the full list current at 31.10.2022:


3CX vs Aircall
3CX vs Blink
3CX vs Bria
3CX vs Cisco Jabber
3CX vs CloudCall
3CX vs CloudTalk
3CX vs Discord
3CX vs Ekiga
3CX vs Express Talk
3CX vs Jet Phone
3CX vs Linphone
3CX vs MicroSIP
3CX vs MizuPhone
3CX vs OnSIP
3CX vs PhonerLite
3CX vs Ringotel
3CX vs Softphone.Pro
3CX vs Ubefone
3CX vs Zoiper


Aircall vs Blink
Aircall vs Bria
Aircall vs Cisco Jabber
Aircall vs CloudCall
Aircall vs CloudTalk
Aircall vs Discord
Aircall vs Ekiga
Aircall vs Express Talk
Aircall vs Jet Phone
Aircall vs Linphone
Aircall vs MicroSIP
Aircall vs MizuPhone
Aircall vs OnSIP
Aircall vs PhonerLite
Aircall vs Ringotel
Aircall vs Softphone.Pro
Aircall vs Ubefone
Aircall vs VTALL
Aircall vs Zoiper

Blink vs Bria
Blink vs Cisco Jabber
Blink vs CloudCall
Blink vs CloudTalk
Blink vs Discord
Blink vs Ekiga
Blink vs Express Talk
Blink vs Jet Phone
Blink vs Linphone
Blink vs MicroSIP
Blink vs MizuPhone
Blink vs OnSIP
Blink vs PhonerLite
Blink vs Ringotel
Blink vs Softphone.Pro
Blink vs Ubefone
Blink vs VTALL
Blink vs Zoiper

Bria vs Cisco Jabber
Bria vs CloudCall
Bria vs CloudTalk
Bria vs Discord
Bria vs Ekiga
Bria vs Express Talk
Bria vs Jet Phone
Bria vs Linphone
Bria vs MicroSIP
Bria vs MizuPhone
Bria vs OnSIP
Bria vs PhonerLite
Bria vs Ringotel
Bria vs Softphone.Pro
Bria vs Ubefone
Bria vs VTALL
Bria vs Zoiper

Cisco Jabber vs CloudCall
Cisco Jabber vs CloudTalk
Cisco Jabber vs Discord
Cisco Jabber vs Ekiga
Cisco Jabber vs Express Talk
Cisco Jabber vs Jet Phone
Cisco Jabber vs Linphone
Cisco Jabber vs MicroSIP
Cisco Jabber vs MizuPhone
Cisco Jabber vs OnSIP
Cisco Jabber vs PhonerLite
Cisco Jabber vs Ringotel
Cisco Jabber vs Softphone.Pro
Cisco Jabber vs Ubefone
Cisco Jabber vs VTALL
Cisco Jabber vs Zoiper

CloudCall vs CloudTalk
CloudCall vs Discord
CloudCall vs Ekiga
CloudCall vs Express Talk
CloudCall vs Jet Phone
CloudCall vs Linphone
CloudCall vs MicroSIP
CloudCall vs MizuPhone
CloudCall vs OnSIP
CloudCall vs PhonerLite
CloudCall vs Ringotel
CloudCall vs Softphone.Pro
CloudCall vs Ubefone
CloudCall vs VTALL
CloudCall vs Zoiper

CloudTalk vs Discord
CloudTalk vs Ekiga
CloudTalk vs Express Talk
CloudTalk vs Jet Phone
CloudTalk vs Linphone
CloudTalk vs MicroSIP
CloudTalk vs MizuPhone
CloudTalk vs OnSIP
CloudTalk vs PhonerLite
CloudTalk vs Ringotel
CloudTalk vs Softphone.Pro
CloudTalk vs Ubefone
CloudTalk vs VTALL
CloudTalk vs Zoiper


Discord vs Ekiga
Discord vs Express Talk
Discord vs Jet Phone
Discord vs Linphone
Discord vs MicroSIP
Discord vs MizuPhone
Discord vs OnSIP
Discord vs PhonerLite
Discord vs Ringotel
Discord vs Softphone.Pro
Discord vs Ubefone
Discord vs VTALL
Discord vs Zoiper

Ekiga vs Express Talk
Ekiga vs Jet Phone
Ekiga vs Linphone
Ekiga vs MicroSIP
Ekiga vs MizuPhone
Ekiga vs OnSIP
Ekiga vs PhonerLite
Ekiga vs Ringotel
Ekiga vs Softphone.Pro
Ekiga vs Ubefone
Ekiga vs VTALL
Ekiga vs Zoiper

Express Talk vs Jet Phone
Express Talk vs Linphone
Express Talk vs MicroSIP
Express Talk vs MizuPhone
Express Talk vs OnSIP
Express Talk vs PhonerLite
Express Talk vs Ringotel
Express Talk vs Softphone.Pro
Express Talk vs Ubefone
Express Talk vs VTALL
Express Talk vs Zoiper

Jet Phone vs Linphone
Jet Phone vs MicroSIP
Jet Phone vs MizuPhone
Jet Phone vs OnSIP
Jet Phone vs PhonerLite
Jet Phone vs Ringotel
Jet Phone vs Softphone.Pro
Jet Phone vs Ubefone
Jet Phone vs VTALL
Jet Phone vs Zoiper


Linphone vs MicroSIP
Linphone vs MizuPhone
Linphone vs OnSIP
Linphone vs PhonerLite
Linphone vs Ringotel
Linphone vs Softphone.Pro
Linphone vs Ubefone
Linphone vs VTALL
Linphone vs Zoiper

MicroSIP vs MizuPhone
MicroSIP vs OnSIP
MicroSIP vs PhonerLite
MicroSIP vs Ringotel
MicroSIP vs Softphone.Pro
MicroSIP vs Ubefone
MicroSIP vs Zoiper

MizuPhone vs OnSIP
MizuPhone vs PhonerLite
MizuPhone vs Ringotel
MizuPhone vs Softphone.Pro
MizuPhone vs Ubefone
MizuPhone vs VTALL
MizuPhone vs Zoiper

OnSIP vs PhonerLite
OnSIP vs Ringotel
OnSIP vs Softphone.Pro
OnSIP vs Ubefone
OnSIP vs Zoiper

PhonerLite vs Ringotel
PhonerLite vs Softphone.Pro
PhonerLite vs Ubefone
PhonerLite vs VTALL
PhonerLite vs Zoiper

Ringotel vs Softphone.Pro
Ringotel vs Ubefone
Ringotel vs VTALL
Ringotel vs Zoiper
Softphone.Pro vs Ubefone
Softphone.Pro vs VTALL
Softphone.Pro vs Zoiper

Ubefone vs VTALL
Ubefone vs Zoiper

VTALL vs Zoiper


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