Slower but cheaper. Common call center practices review. Part 1.


Keywords: softphone software, hardware, call center, contact center, performance, security, monitoring, metrics.


Dear friends, we know something about how call centers run and what approaches they favour so you have a great chance to look behind the scenes together with us and find out what industry counterparts do and what they are driven by.


Approach #1. Money talks: cheapness before performance.


According to our statistics, it is about 40 percent.

Pros: agents can work at home and use their own PCs; no need to hold large premises for the team and pay for it. Altogether result in cheaper offers for customers.

Cons: if hardware is too slow/obsolete and softphone's footprint is large, the agent PC will slow down and the cost-cut idea is supressed in the bud.

Luckily, Softphone.Pro has a very small footprint, just 33 Mb (that's much less than in comparison vs Bria or vs Zoiper!), and works even on ten-year-old and hundred-bucks computers.

More cons: if credentials are kept at agent's side, it's dangerous and unsafe. Just fancy: a company has dismissed someone but credentials are kept on the former employee's laptop — and this person is still able to see phone numbers dialed/received or even clients names.

Stop thrilling! If you use Softphone.Pro Team, it is enough to make such user inactive in supervisors console (just remove the tick) and voila.

Yet more cons: agents without supervisor's oversight might start cheating — for example, stretch ACW or ignore calls under a specious excuse. Not all. Not many. But if you pay for hours it makes extra costs anyway.

There is a good solution for such situation too. In Softphone.Pro Team you see agents performance online: calls, statuses, and many other important metrics. By the way, it's cheaper in comparison vs Asternic or vs QueueMetrics. Good for call center stats analysis.


So try Softphone.Pro and Softphone.Pro Team. If money talks, save the money!.. and get 14 days for free.


Next time we are going to speak about antagonistic approach — money is nothing, performance is everything. Stay tuned!




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