Based on a true story: a real dialogue with a client


Keywords: UCaaS, unified communications, call center, contact center, CRM, integration, contact management, IM, SMS.


Just a real Q&A session that happened a couple of days ago.


— We guess we are missing a softphone with call notes features and CRM integration.
— That's exactly what we offer!

— What about auto provision. We'd prefer login with a simple username and password.
— Yes, we provide a self-hosted provisioning server you can deploy on your own server and integrate with your PBX management console if needed (PBX user will receive the welcome email with softphone download link and user/password):

— Another thing we're looking for is call logging/contact management.
— Softphone.Pro desktop app has a basic built-in Phonebook, but you can use Team online portal to expand the softphone functionality:

  • realtime dashboard
  • online reports

— And eventually we would like to know what other integration are eventually possible.
— You can also integrate our softphone with any other custom developed 3-rd party software thanks to instant integration feature.

— Our challenge comes from the need of UCaaS customers to log or add notes to the calls. In that sense, our current softphone for Unified Communications does not allow for call logging or call dispositioning as they don't have a Contact Manager module.
— Both your solution and Softphone.Pro are softphones, an alternative to desk phone. But their are developed for different user segments: you use a UC softphone meanwhile Softphone.Pro is designed for CC (contact centers). The solution you currently use doesn't allow call logging/disposition as perhaps the is positioned as product as UC, and in this concept users just don't need to log calls.

— Now, if the softphone can integrate with CRMs that would be good for those that have CRM. I like that. But for those who don't have CRMs I'm wondering of a Contact Management module where notes can be deployed. Can Sotphone.Pro do this?
— Softphone.Pro provides logging and call disposition but it has no Contact Management module so far. Actually, Softphone.Pro is #1 in terms of integration. It provides out-of-a-box integration with top CRM / Heldesk software: SalesForce, Microsoft Dynamics, Hubspot, Zoho CRM, Pipedrive, Zendesk, Freshdesk, Zoho Desk, Clio. In our mind, free Hubspot is a better alternative for built-in Contact Management module.

— We need IM and SMS, it's important.
— We do agree. CC users need SMS and that's a good reason to add such feature to Softphone.Pro. As for IM, right now one can hardly say or promise it will appear in the roadmap soon... but as the saying goes, God's ways are obscure and indirect. So do not forget to drop to the blog again in a couple of month or subscribe to stay informed :)


Try Softphone.Pro and Softphone.Pro Team on to get realtime dashboards, online reports, instant CRM integration, auto provisioning, and 14 days for free.




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