Yet another real correspondence with a client: what Asternic and QueueMetrics are missing


Keywords: features, Asternic, QueueMetrics, reports, role model, quality assurance, video capture, learning curve.


The previous post was devoted to softphones, this one is about queues and call center monitoring. It so happened that one client addressed us a question about features our software has but Asternic and QueueMetrics don't. The dialogue turned to be a ready-made text, and all we needed was just to publish it and share with you. Here you are :)


— I'd like to compare in terms of features that you offer but QueueMetrics and Asternic don't have.

— Sure. Our product works with any SIP PBX, not only Asterisk. Besides it's not just reporting app but softphone too. You cannot make phone calls neither from Asternic nor QueueMetrics but Softphone.Pro + Team is a great combo both for agents and supervisors, the dialer perfectly suited for the reporting module. We also modestly note that it is not just a free of charge softphone like MicroSIP but tricked-out: it's adopted and designed for agents, supports professional headsets, offers provisioning, and instantly integrated with any CRM / Helpdesk software.

Besides, there is agents time control and reports for supervisors. In some situations you might find important such options as video capture from agent's display.

Moreover, you get reports not only for inbound calls (queue) but outbounds too. They are well designed and user friendly, the learning curve is very short, everyone will easily learn how to run it.

— Is there a role model?

— Yes, there are different abilities levels for managers of various levels: both supervisors (they see overall picture) and team leaders (only team performance available). Also Team, opposed to Asternic and QueueMetric, has a special tool for quality assurance manager that allows evaluate conversation and leave marks and notes in selected talk episodes.

— Thank you!

— Likewise! Thank you for your interest to the software we develop, we hope you find it meeting your requirements and look forward to hearing how you're using it!.

Try Softphone.Pro Team on to get realtime dashboards, online reports, instant CRM integration, auto provisioning, and 14 days for free.




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