Spring makes Softphone.Pro newer


We have updated Softphone.Pro to 5.2 — it's high time to talk about.


  • The softphone and your PBX speak the same language
    Phone numbers might be written with or without plus, or start from zero, or from country code, or somehow else... but it does not matter now. With dialing rules Softphone.Pro brings the number format in line with what your PBX expects.

  • Stereo, mono, wav and mp3... what a perfect choice
    Now you can choose a format for call recording — with stereo mode in the transcript you see who said what.

  • Button click event handler
    No need to keep hundreds tabs in the browser: configure the special button in the floating window — let your knowledge base, wiki, and whatever you use open on click.

  • Call pickup
    A phone is blowing up somewhere nearby but no one answers? Is it a good client experience? Just fancy: you are exactly who is calling. Take the call instantly and easily.

As usual, we look for chances to improve something so in this release we also fixed some little things. Get it, use it, enjoy it.




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