Softphone.Pro 5.3 can send SMS and hide contacts

Our great developers don't stop pleasing us. They have polished and released version 5.3, there are two new mind-blowing features: now the softphone can send SMS and hide contacts.

Send SMS from the softphone even during the phone call, there is a special panel. The only thing we'd suggest to check is if your IP telephony provider supports SIP MESSAGE protocol. (In case for some reason you have no provider so far, please start from our catalog, be our guest. If you yourself are a provider and sell SMS, now you know about it and can recommend a good softphone to your clients. Anyway, whoever you are, you definitely came to the right place :)

As for contacts hiding, that might be a matter of high importance in terms of privacy. Say, you've got a couple of celebrities among your clients. For obvious reasons they would like to keep their phone numbers unknown to the general public. You are confident in yourself but what about your agents? What if there is a peeping tom who is not averse to earning some money on selling such information? Deliver your agents from temptation. Deliver your clients happiness not worries :)

Of course, there are more new features, here we speak about the most striking but all of them are good, useful, and make the softphone yet better than before. Do you know what that means? It's time to update and softphone professionally

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