Triumphant Expiration of Trial Version

Hello our dears. As you probably know, we develop some IT stuff like softphone software, call analytics & management tools, and other things to make your life a bit easier and your agents a bit happier. In other words, sometimes we are programmers.


We bet you just thought: uh-huh, these guys are antisocial and boring, they do a dull job, they don't talk much and sit at their desks all day. Exactly! That's all about us... to the same extent as about the other professions :) Besides, we develop effective and elegant tools, do sports, like music, speak different languages, and have a sense of humor. When something funny happens in our business, we collect it and share it with you.

For example, some time ago we modified a few notifications: say, this is how we tell in advance about trial expiration:


Your free trial of Softphone.Pro Team expires in 2 days.


Our interface is localized to a number of languages so we translated it into Spanish:


Su prueba gratuita vencerá en 2 días.


Then we looked at that and laughed. It seemed like a trial version is about to complete the task of all its life, and that is going to be triumphant (vencerá stands for win). We even remembered Jonas Kaufmann's unforgettable face in Puccini's Turandot and saw the famous aria on Youtube for the thousandth time (we like music, you remember?).



We assumed: vencerá is good but there might be something better — and opened a vocabulary. Indeed, there is. Now the Spanish notification looks so:


Su versión de prueba gratuita de Softphone.Pro Team caduca en 2 días.


Everything fell into place. Modesty is fitting and proper not only for a human being but also for a good software that simply does its job well.

Wish all positive emotions, nice music, and good softphones :)


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