Welcome Softphone.Pro 5.5

Five novelties and features which certainly will not leave you cold.

USB HID support for Windows and MacOS
Yes! Now there is a native support for USB HID — first, that’s about headsets: Jabra, Poly/Plantronics, Yealink, Leitner, Logitech, VoiceXpert, HyperX, Corsair, Cooler Master, Razer, Brammar… What is yours, we wonder?

Better echo cancellation
Some users might have faced echo during talks, there are several reasons for this. We’ve delved deeply into this science, and found a good solution. Enjoy clear sound and communication without echo and parasite effects.

Integration with Capsule CRM
New addition to the family of CRMs supported out-of-the box. The newcomer of the month is Capsule CRM which in turn has an integration with MS Outlook Calendar, MailChimp, Zapier, Gmail, Zendesk… familiar faces :)

New Settings design
It’s intuitive, informative, affirmative, and makes people talkative. Careful, this might be addictive :)

Improved automatic SIP transport selection
Automatic transport selection is used to determine the most suitable protocol. Here we could talk about UDP, TCP, and TLS... but why not simply update? ;)

Stay tuned!

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