Whisper and a piece of (bad) advice


This article is about invasion of privacy... in a good way and for good purposes. Business purposes.

There are times when you have (should, must, underline) hear what's going on. Say, you've got a couple of newbies in your team. They are to communicate with customers, to sell products and services, to discuss delivery terms, and pretty much everything else. And you are to train them and ensure that they do this right, without groundless ad-lib.

That's why our softphone can Listen: you can hear both the Agent and the Client channels, and nobody hears you.

Besides, there is Whisper, a perfect stuff for tasks mentioned a bit earlier herein. Should your trainee be about to go into a nosedive and slip up, step in and redirect the play. Let salvation come. 

However, there is always a chance to spoil everything. For example, this is how one can mess things up.

A piece of bad advice

  1. Never tell your trainee you can hear and help. Invade the talk with no warning. Before this, make sure your assistance will be extremely useless and uncomfortable.
  2. Remember: make mess, not help. Be rough and tough. Don't whisper with respect.
  3. Let your tips be long, uncertain, and mysterious. Let your hints be indistinct and contradictory. The whole hog, on all cylinders.
  4. Listen inattentively; don't concentrate with that endless tittle-tattle, lending half an ear. Should your mentee need help, pay no attention. If on the contrary, then deliver aid against all odds and despite protests.
  5. Be fussy, worried, and wordy. Make your agent overfilled with hints and never let express ideas independently.

If that is not good enough, then release the Kraken deploy heavier artillery, we are talking about the Barge feature. That works in both channels: you are joined onto the Agent and client channels, all parties can hear each other. Show master class and teach your agents by example. And only after that give feedback and express everything.

A Careless Whisper from us to you for the occasion.

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