Softphone for Windows 11 and mac OS 14

Microsoft and Apple constantly update their operating systems; the same can be said of Softphone.Pro — new releases appear normally from 3 to 6 times a year.

We see that the search phrase "softphone for windows 11" is getting more and more popular so let's see what a suitable solution could be.

First, lest we forget that the new OS generations are quite demanding: e.g. minimum system requirements for Windows 11 are the following:

  • Processor: minimum 2-core 1 GHz, Intel Coffee Lake or AMD Zen 2 recommended;
  • RAM: minimum 4 Gb, recommended 8 or more;
  • Not less than 64 Gb on hard drive;
  • Video Card compatible with DirectX 12, WDDM 2.0 driver and newer.

As we can see, the entry threshold seems to be fairly high. It's not like that with regard to SoftPhone.Pro: just 100 Mb disk storage and minimum possible amount of RAM memory. Installer size is tiny (21 Mb for Win and 25 Mb for Mac), footprint may vary depending on window mode but quite affordable anyway.

We also need to say that Win10 to stop receiving updates in 2025. In contrast, Win11 is to get updated for many years to come, and this is what makes it look like Softphone.Pro which is well known for its support and custom development.

So if you use Windows 11 and mac OS 14, we’d strongly recommend Softphone.Pro 5.4 and newer releases: they have enhanced compatibility herewith, better echo cancellation, and integration with a number of USB headsets out of the box.

Download softphone for Windows 11 and mac OS 14 here.




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