Softphones 2024: five key and most anticipated features review

In addition to the main purpose, to make phone calls with sound of good quality, modern and up-to-date softphones help with a whole set of useful collateral business tasks. We’ve made a review of the top five key features in charge this year.

  1. Softphone as a control tool

  2. Softphone for smooth workflow

  3. Softphone for legal impeccability

  4. Inevitable hello

  5. Time economy

1. Softphone as a control tool

Business success, as well as single person success, is based on the honest attitude to the job. This is of course not the only thing but one of the crucial factors. Facts and reliable information are extremely important for decision making, that’s true in any situation whether it's HR, or private finances, or salesforce management.

In the latter case, it must be confessed, managers, let’s put it mildly, often don’t act with due patience when calling clients: e.g. put the phone down after the second or even the first ring though the company’s regulation might impose to wait until fourth or fifth. (And then they say: poor leads, total out of reach, impossible to work, need raise in pay.) A reader, who prefers stronger language, may say — cheaters, shirkers!.. and deservedly: the client could answer, the company could gain revenue and profit. Could have been but wasn't.

This is why we’ve made the softphone able to record outbound calls starting from the rings. Just several extra seconds which give a full understanding of what was before. Scientia potentia est — knowledge is power, food for thought, and basis for decisions.

By the way, the softphone can also be a good self-control and planning tool: a personal statistics panel helps with productivity tracking and, as they say in sports, properly spreading the forces for the entire distance. Knowledge is power again and a good support in work.

2. Softphone for smooth workflow

In addition to the previous point, it must be said that it is important not to overdo as an over-regulated and exhausted worker is hardly capable of labor feats. Only happy employees can make a client happy so let them have some freedom of action ... within reasonable limits :)

In pursuit of efficiency and SLA some companies set auto answers for all inbound calls. That means that an agent shall permanently sit near the PC wearing a headset and be ready for speaking. We think you would agree that such sweatshops are always nervous but not always beneficial. Homo sum, humani nihil a me alienum puto — we are all people, everyone needs a quick gulp of water, use a restroom, as well as just take a breath after a long talk. This is why reasonable and sound employers hold Occupancy Rate between 70 and 80 percent, this is fairly comfortable both for the business and employees.

We’ve added to the softphone a parameter for setting a delayed auto answer timeout — for example, ten seconds are quite enough to see an income call notification, put a mug on the table, wear a headset and say hello within SLA time limits. For the callers it’s not a tedious waiting for the most part and unlikely spoils the client experience but if you think it’s too long, just set any other time, now you’ve got such an option :)

3. Softphone for legal impeccability

Some countries' legislations have binding rules forbidding recording calls if a caller is objecting. In those cases, every inbound call center or business unit shall transfer the call to the line which is not a recorded one, and handle the call there.

For some reasons our neural network thinks a client's refuse looks like this

In the meanwhile, the law does not prohibit companies to record their own part of the conversation (what agents say), and it can be of use in case of disputes and for control and training as well.

This is why we’ve taught the softphone record only one channel, relevant to the agent. It’s not superfluous to recall that Softphone.Pro starting from the 5.2 release supports recording in stereo more which opens the door to voice transcription and analytics.

4. Inevitable hello

Yet another anti-cheating and anti-shirker feature. Just fancy: a phone ringing but an agent… does not answer. Why?! Perhaps, he or she is tired and hopes that the call will be picked up by some colleague. Maybe the shift is almost over, just a couple of minutes remaining, mentally already at home — what if a very talkative client out there, gonna steal a half an hour or even more, oh my, what an inconvenient moment… On a human basis, we understand the agent. Though from a business perspective such an act is bad and vicious.

By popular demand, we’ve added to the softphone an ability to hide “Decline” and “Ignore” buttons in the incoming call notification window. An honest approach to work is a good policy and a best practice.

5. Time economy: a second saved is a second earned

Let us guess: you use more than one program. Word for texts, Excel for calculations, CRM for clients. Perhaps, from time to time you also launch PowerPoint, Photoshop, or email client, you name it. Of course, a browser for web services. A SIP softphone or a desk phone for calls. If we are wrong and you are a real one-app-adept, be the first to throw a stone at us.

They say, previously the Solitaire was the most frequently run program but now the palm belongs to CRMs. What does a good salesman do when talking with clients on the phone? Right, listens carefully and makes notes. Had a talk, wrote it down, left a comment. By the way, a mistress note: you can enter info into CRM directly during a call if you have both hands free (for this reason softphones are better than desk phones).

OK, the call is over, what’s next? Need to close the softphone: switch between the programs, find the right button, click, then get back to the CRM — some seconds spent. Those who make hundreds of calls a day, in terms of a year spend for such perpetual routine dozens of hours. We’ve thought: it would be great not to fuss and do everything right in CRM — and added to the softphone one more juicy option, namely to close it and change the status by command from an external app, whether from a web application, or from a command line. Time is a nonrenewable resource… but we can save it.

In conclusion

Softphones develop, and that’s fine. Among all the trendsetters we point out Softphone.Pro: all the reviewed features are available in the 5.6 version, this is the newest release. It is also worth noting ergonomic interface, integration with a set of professional headsets (Leitner, VoiceXpert, Jabra, Poly), full compatibility with any VoIP providers, provisioning, and working time tracking as well.

On a set of criteria such as price/features ratio, system requirements, simplicity of work, and ease of setting, our editorial board considers Softphone.Pro best in its segment and recommends it for purchase. 14 days are given free of charge, a fully functional demo available (download SIP softphone for Windows 11 and macOS 14 here). Besides, there is a pleasant bonus: a cloud service Team for online monitoring and analytics of calls made via Softphone.Pro — you’re literally one click away from a free two-week access.


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