Softphone for Android, iOS, Linux: coming soon

Softphone.Pro long since settled in the world of softphone software. Five generations so far, more than thirty releases altogether, dozens of features inspired by you. And still only two operating systems, Windows and macOS. You often ask us: what about Android? How realistic is a version for Linux? Will it be something for iOS? There are several interesting lines in our plans for the near future, among others are some posed in the title of this post.

A few months remain until the day when the first releases to be submitted to the public. For now, let's refrain from specific characteristics for a while and better fancy a little bit how it could be.

Softphone for Android

Most company-owned smartphones, according to all sources and common sense, are a lower or mid price segment. In other words, they have a limited amount of memory, often rather modest, so the app size and system requirements are crucial. They shall not be excessive and too heavy; vice versa, that's the case when the less is the better.

Again, it goes without saying that the softphone should be lean in terms of power consumption. Sure, it will also get rid of the 'sleeping' issue in which the app stops working when the phone is idle and 'falls asleep'. This is accomplished through correct ‘wakening’ from time to time, of course with the due respect to the battery saving.

Softphone for iOS

The same as above could be said regarding Apple devices after adjusting for premium nature and relevance for industry specific. Memory requirements, frugal consumption, sound quality, intuitive interface, thoughtful design, ease-of-use are a must and a baseline expectation about softphone software.

It is expected that the softphone for iOS will support 14.0 and newer versions, so it’s to run on (as of the date of the publication, summer 2024) iPhone 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, as well as Xs and 8, provided that they have the operating system updated.

Softphone for Linux

For many, Linux is still associated with console, black screen and white lines made of unintelligible splatter of symbols. We are very far from the intention to make a console softphone, it will be born to be easy, cozy, nice, ergonomic like Win and macOS versions (where any action requires just 1 or 2 clicks!), with GUI and (maybe) skin support.

As usual, it is expected that Linux version will be light in terms of installer size and memory footprint; it will be stable, multi-window, informative and with all the functionality you are accustomed to.

Softphone and AI

Bonus: we are thinking different about artificial intelligence implementation. Frankly speaking, there is a whole scattering of ideas (might be amazing combos with PBXs, CRMs, and with the Team add-on which provides real time dashboards and analytics) and numerous attractive lines of research. Though it's another story entirely, it deserves a separate article.

We'll keep you posted. In the meantime, let us know what you think about it and what you would like to have in the New Softphone :)

See you soon, show you soon 💙


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