Adding Agents

User with an Agent role can start and login Softphone.Pro desktop application only, he or she can't access the Softphone.Pro Team.

1. Open the Settings - Users page and click the Create user button.

Create user

2. Enter user's Name, Email, Password and assign he or she to a Team. You may choose a default Team with company's name or add new one.
Choose the Agent role in the Role dropdown.

Agent profile

3. Softphone.Pro desktop application reads the local SoftphonePro.ini by default. You can use Softphone.Pro Team as provisioning server. You can define Agent's SoftphonePro.ini configuration file on the Softphone.Pro tab.

Team configuration file has highest priority, so Agent's local configuration file settings will be overwritten. If you leave Softphone.Pro tab empty then Agent's Softphone.Pro desktop application will load the local configuration file stored on a Agent's computer.

For security reasons you can hide settings received from Team, for example: Softphone.Pro license key, SIP credentials or 3-rd party CRM\Helpdesk integration settings. Use the [Restrictions] section in configuration file for that purpose.

Configuration file of agent

4. Click Save button to apply these settings.

5. The Team plugin isn't enabled on Softphone.Pro desktop application by default. So an Agent needs to download the Softphone.Pro with enabled Team plugin first.

Open the Settings - Users page. Select Agents by clicking the checkboxes next to user names and click Send invitation button.

Send invitation to user

6. Click the Send button to confirm.

Send invitation to user

Agents will receive a welcome email. Email contains the Softphone.Pro latest version download link and login information. Agents need to download and install the latest Softphone.Pro version. Once installed they need to start the Softphone.Pro and log in.

7. You can also send a welcome email on the user's profile page by clicking the Send invitation button.

Send invitation to user