Adding Supervisors

User with a Supervisor role has limited Team access. He or she can view data for his or her Teams only.

1. Open the Settings - Users page and click the Create user button.

Create user

2. Enter user's Name, Email, Password and assign he or she to a Team. You may choose a default Team with company's name or add new one.
Choose the Supervisor role in the Role dropdown.

Supervisor profile

If you consider Supervisor to make and receive calls using the Softphone.Pro desktop application, then you can set up his or her Softphone.Pro configuration file. Supervisor will use the same credentials to login the Team and to login the Softphone.Pro desktop application.

3. Click the Save button to apply these settings.

Open the Settings - Users page. Select users by clicking the checkboxes next to user names and click Send invitation button.

Send invitation to user

5. Click the Send button to confirm.

Send invitation to user

Supervisors will receive a welcome email. Email contains the Team URL and login information. Email may contain the Sofpthone.Pro download link optionally.

6. You can also send a welcome email on the user's profile page by clicking the Send invitation button.

Send invitation to user