Inbound Service Level by Queues for Asterisk PBX

In order to to analyze service level in case of inbound calls you can upload call data from your Asterisk PBX to Team Dashboard.

Upload call data from Asterisk PBX

1. First, obtain file queue_log from your PBX. It is located by default at:


2. Open Reporting - Asterisk - Upload Logs File page in the Team Dashboard:

Open file upload page

3. Click Upload file and select queue_log file you obtained from your PBX:

Upload queue_log file

4. Then you will see a confirmation of successful processing, for example:

Successful upload

Build the report

1. The report based on uploaded data is presented on the Reporting - Asterisk - Inbound Service Level by Queues page in your Team Dashboard:

Report based on Asterisk queue_log file

Please note: you can only see calls in the interval displayed in the message about successful upload (see step 4 of the previous section).

2. Select the time interval for which you want to see the calls. If your Asterisk PBX has multiple queues configured, select the queue in the filter:

Filter by queues

Read more about reports in the Using reports article.