Cisco, Yealink XML file address book synchronization

Softphone.Pro can synchronize address book with Cisco, Yealink XML file.

Download Cisco, Yealink XML file example

1. Open Settings - Contacts - XML File section:

Open XML file synchronization section

2. Enter XML file display Name:

XML file display name

You can see that display name in a hint. The hint occurs when you place mouse cursor over a special "external contact" icon displayed near the contact. It can be helpful if you synchronize your address book with multiple sources.

3. Select appropriate XML file location (local\network shared folder or HTTP link) and enter file full path:

XML file full path

4. Enter reload timeout in minutes in Reload every, min. text input:

Reload timeout

5. If you want to transfer calls to the persons you are going to synchronize, enable Transfer calls to this contact checkbox. All the persons from CSV file will be displayed on Call transfer dialog window.

Transfer calls to these contacts

6. If your cloud or on-site PBX supports «Presence indication» feature and your XML file contains other PBX users, enable Enable presence indication checkbox. You also need to select an appropriate PBX SIP account. Read more on Presence indication

Presence indication for XML file contacts