Launching custom commands from Floating Window

You can configure Button click event handler. It allows to run an application, send data to web server, or open link in a browser by clicking a button in the floating window. You can transmit information from the app when running the handler, including caller number, agent's SIP account, etc.

Handler configuration

1. Go to Settings - Integration - Third-party systems and click Add Handler:

Add handler

2. Set handler settings. As shown in the example, the handler searches caller's number in Google when one clicks the button:

Event handler parameters

Event: choose Button click;
SIP account: button in the Floating Window will be shown for particular SIP account, or for all accounts (default);

  • Launch a program: the button launches a program on user's PC;
  • Call a web service: the button sends a request using URL;
  • Open a link in web browser: handler opens URL in a new browser tab;

Title: title of the handler; it will be shown in a hint over the button or in a dropdown list (when multiple button click handlers are configured);
URL: destination address or path to a program;
Named placeholders: will be replaced with data from the application.

3. Save handler settings and app settings.

Handler usage

Make sure that Floating Window is enabled.

1. When the call starts, click More Actions button in the floating window:

Show more

2. Click the button to launch the handler. If only one handler is set the button will trigger configured action:

Click the button

Should multiple button click handlers are configured you will see a list of handlers. Click the title from the list to launch the handler:

Handler dropdown