Click-to-call with a custom protocol prefix «call:» for example

Should you need to transform the number before dialing (for example, remove plus or somehow else) please read the article about the dialing rules.

1. Download and unzip custom call protocol handler script:

2. Open click-to-call-custom-protocol.reg file in plain-text editor.

3. Replace all the %call% placeholder occurences with your custom protocol prefix with no colon. For instance if you're going to call this link <a href="call:XXX">XXX</a>, then replace %call% with call.

4. If you installed Softphone.Pro in a default location, then replace all the %WINDOWS-USER% placeholder occurences with your Windows user name. If you installed Softphone.Pro not in a default location then change the SoftphonePro.exe full path in all the lines containing %WINDOWS-USER% place holder. Note, that all the \ characters should be escaped with an extra \.

5. Save click-to-call-custom-protocol.reg and double click on it. Approve that you want to modify your Windows registry.