Click-to-call with a custom protocol prefix «call:» for example

1. Download and unzip custom call protocol handler script:

2. Open click-to-call-custom-protocol.reg file in plain-text editor.

3. Replace all the %call% placeholder occurences with your custom protocol prefix with no colon. For instance if you're going to call this link <a href="call:XXX">XXX</a>, then replace %call% with call.

4. If you installed Softphone.Pro in a default location, then replace all the %WINDOWS-USER% placeholder occurences with your Windows user name. If you installed Softphone.Pro not in a default location then change the SoftphonePro.exe full path in all the lines containing %WINDOWS-USER% place holder. Note, that all the \ characters should be escaped with an extra \.

5. Save click-to-call-custom-protocol.reg and double click on it. Approve that you want to modify your Windows registry.