Click-to-call on phone number hyperlink with «sip:», «callto:», «tel:» prefix in HTML webpage

1. Open Integration - Protocol Handlers section:

click to call on callto: sip: tel: hyperlinks

2. Enable hyperlink formats your CRM or Helpdesk uses to display phone numbers:

Enable callto: sip: tel: handling for outgoing calls

Hyperlink examples:

<a href="tel:+18004633339">+1 800 463 3339</a>
<a href="callto:+18004633339">+1 800 463 3339</a>
<a href="sip:+18004633339">+1 800 463 3339</a>

3. Click Save button.

You can prevent Softphone.Pro Main Window popping-up on outgoing call: How to prevent Main Window popping on incoming or outgoing call?