SoftphonePro.ini configuration file

SoftphonePro.ini file stores Softphone.Pro user settings. It is located at the following folder by default:

, [WINDOWS-USER] - is your Windows user name.

How to edit SoftphonePro.ini:

1. Exit Softphone.Pro:

Exit SoftphonePro

2. Open SoftphonePro.ini configuration file in a plain-text editor:

SoftphonePro.ini configuration file

[AppSettings] Section

Parameter Default value Description
License License key
RunOnStartup 0 Run application on Windows startup
SaveRecords 1 Start call recording automatically
ShowActiveCallsWindow 1 Display Active Calls window
ShowContactsWindow 1 Display Contacts window
ShowHistoryWindow 1 Display Call Log window
ShowFloatingWindow 1 Display Floating call control window
MainWindowOnIncomingAnswer 1 Pop-up main window on incoming call answer
MainWindowOnOutgoing 1 Pop-up main window on outgoing call
EnableCallWaiting 1 Enable call waiting
AutoAnswer None Enable auto answer. Available options: None - disabled, All - always enabled, SipHeader - enabled if specific SIP INVITE header exists
VoiceActivityDetection 1 Enable voice activity detection
EchoCancellation 1 Enable echo cancellation
AudioCodecs PCMA/8000/1 PCMU/8000/1 Enabled audio codecs separated with space character. Available options: PCMA/8000/1 - G.711 a-law, PCMU/8000/1 - G.711 u-law, G722/16000/1, G729/8000/1, GSM/8000/1, speex/16000/1
CallHistoryCount 100 Number of last calls and corresponding audio recordings to store and display on Call Log window
ShowSipAccountInCallHistoryWindow 1 Display SIP account name on Call Log window
ContactsWindowWidth Contacts window width, pixels
PostProcessingWindowEnabled 0 Enable after call work (ACW)
PostProcessingStatus After call work status
IncomingCallWindowPosition Center Incoming call notification window position. Available options: Center - center, BottomRightCorner - botoom right corner

[SipAccount] Section

You should create separate [SipAccount] section for each SIP account you're going to use.

[SipAccount] section must have unique name containing section name and its index: [SipAccount1], [SipAccount2], [SipAccount3].

You must not have multiple [SipAccount] sections with the same name in SoftphonePro.ini.

Parameter Default value Description
RegisterOnStartup 1 Register on startup
Name Account name
Server 0 SIP server hostname\IP and port. Default port is 5060.
Proxy SIP proxy hostname\IP and port. Default port is 5060.
Domain Registration domain
AuthId Authorization name
Username Username
Password Authorization password
DisplayName Display name
PublicAddress Public IP
LocalPort Local SIP port
RegisterTimeout 300 SIP registration timeout, seconds
SRTP None Media encryption
Transport Auto Transport protocol
CallTransferMode Sip Call transfer mode. Available options: Sip - SIP REFER, Dtmf - DTMF
CallTransferDTMF DTMF mode call transfer suffix and prefix separated by space character
PublishPresence 0 Publish presence indication
RtpPortStart RTP ports interval start value
RtpPortEnd RTP ports interval end value
STUN STUN server hostname\IP address
ICE 0 Enable ICE
AllowIpRewrite 0 Allow IP rewrite
IsDefault Selected on Outbound account field
KeepAliveTimeout 15 SIP keep-alive timeout, seconds