Contacts presence indication (BLF) in Team

Softphone.Pro can display presence indication status icon for hosted or on-premise PBX SIP account. PBX should be properly configured to allow presence indication subscription and notification (also known as BLF) and support presence events.

You can use softphone provisioning feature of Team service to configure presence status indication of colleagues in the Contacts window of Softphone.Pro for all Agents.

1. Create XML phonebook file in Cisko, Yealink file format. Add employees' info with their extension numbers into the phonebook file.

Download Cisco, Yealink XML remote phone book example

2. Put phonebook XML file in a location that can be accessed from all Agents' PCs. It can be a local\network shared folder or HTTP link.

3. In the Team Dashboard go to Settings - Softphone.Pro - Advanced Settings and click Create configuration template button.

Create a template

4. Define Name of the template. Add [ContactAccount1] section with the following parameters to the Template editor:


Template parameters:

  • ContactType: type of synchronized contacts, use CiscoXml;
  • Enabled: synchronization is enabled, use 1;
  • Name: Phonebook name, Contacts for example;
  • UpdateTimeout: how often contacts are updated in minutes. Don't update contacts too often, 5 hours (300 minutes) is enough;
  • Location: XML file location (full path to a local/network folder or HTTP link), for example,;
  • UseForTransfer: show contacts from this phonebook in Call Transfer window (1 – yes, 0 – no).
  • UseForPresense: contacts are used to show coworkers' presence indication, use 1;
  • PresenceSipAccount: Name of the SIP account used to get presence information. The name should be the same for all Agents, you can set it on Settings - Softphone.Pro - General settings page, in the SIP server section.

SIP account name

Team BLF template text

Click Save.

5. Open Settings - Users page and click on Agent's name to edit personal settings. Open Softphone.Pro tab and copy your new template snippet to a clipboard by clicking the Copy button:

Copy Team BLF template tag

6. Paste template snippet in the Configuration file editor:

Paste Team BLF template tag

7. Click Save.

8. Agent will see the "Please restart" message in their Softphone.Pro desktop app. Softphone.Pro will load an updated configuration file after restart.

9. Repeat steps 1-8 for all Agents.