Creating a custom status

Supported only in Softphone.Pro 3.1

There are 4 basiс statuses defined in Softphone.Pro: online, away, busy (NA), offline. You can create a new custom status based on them using a different name.

In order to create a custom status, you need to add a special section [CustomStatus] in the configuration file SoftphonePro.ini:


, where [NUMBER] is an order number of the custom status, [NAME] is a name of the custom status, [STATUS] is the name of one of the basic statuses:

Online corresponds to Online status
Awaycorresponds to Away status
NAcorresponds to NA status
Offlinecorresponds to Offline status

If you use provisioning server, edit a configuration file [USER].ini in configs directory, where [USER] - user login .

Creating new custom statuses example

1. Exit Softphone.Pro.

2. Open SoftphonePro.ini configuration file in a plain-text editor. Add the section [CustomStatus] to the end of the file.


Name=Post Processing

3. Open the Softphone.Pro. Сlick on the status in the main window. There are two new custom statuses in the list.

Status list

New custom status