Custom status options

The feature is available in Softphone.Pro 3.1 and newer.

By default, there are 4 default status options in Softphone.Pro: Online, Offline, Away and Busy. In addition to the above default statuses you can define new ones like "Lunch", "Training", etc. Add [CustomStatus] section in SoftphonePro.ini configuration file for every new status option:


, where %INDEX% is status index, %NAME% is status name, %TYPE% is status type. You can use one of the following status types:

Away This status type indicates that the user is away from the computer and unable to take calls.
NAThis status type indicates that the user is on a call. When a user answers a call or makes an outbound call, the user's status is automatically changed to Busy. In terms of functionality the NA status type is similar to Busy default status.

Every [CustomStatus%INDEX%] section must have unique numeric %INDEX% suffix starting with 1: [CustomStatus1], [CustomStatus2], [CustomStatus3], etc.

If you use provisioning server, edit the configuration file [USER].ini in configs directory, where [USER] is user login.


1. Exit Softphone.Pro.

2. Open SoftphonePro.ini configuration file in a plain-text editor and add [CustomStatus] sections to the end of file:


Name=Post Processing

3. Start Softphone.Pro. Сlick on the Status dropdown to see the new custom status options:

Status list

New custom status options