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Version 2.4

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+ Search contact by phone number on Contacts window
+ Search call by phone number on Call Log window
+ 3-rd party integration Test button. Clicking that button executes Windows program, calls web-service method or opens web-browser. It also passes generated parameter values to 3-rd party system.

Version 2.3

+ Import address book from CSV file
+ Auto answer
+ Call waiting notification window
+ Small call notication window displayed in bottom rigth corner

Version 2.1

+ Address book synchronization with Cisco, Yealink XML file
+ Address book synchronization with Google Contacts
+ SIP account indication in Call log window
+ Call waiting configuration
+ Call waiting tone indication
+ SIP account registration status indication

Version 2.0

+ Instant screen pop-up and click-to-call integration with 3-rd party WEB and Windows applications
+ Microsoft Office Excel 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 click-to-call integration
+ G.729 audio codec support

Версия 1.7

+ SIP registration indication
+ Hold and resume
+ Adjust volume in a floating window

Version 1.6

+ amoCRM instant integration
+ Minor fixes and improvements

Version 1.5

+ Call log window
+ Call forwarding and missed call email notificaion