Google Chrome Click-to-Call Extension

Should you need to transform the number before dialing (for example, remove plus or somehow else) please read the article about the dialing rules.

You need to install a Google Chrome extension to make outbound calls with Softphone.Pro.

Install the extension

Add Softphone.Pro Extension to your Google Chrome browser.

Add extension to Chrome

Configure the extension

Enable click-to-call links

1. Click Softphone.Pro Extension's icon in your browser to open extension settings:

Open extension settings

2. Enable click-to-call links (1) and set the minimum (2) and maximum (3) length of the phone number to be converted into link:

Extension settings

3. Click Save.

4. Now you can make calls by clicking on a phone number.

"tel:" Links Handling

If you have issues with tel:89001234567 links, you can enable Tel-Links Handling option in the extension settings. It will convert "tel:" links into links that correctly send the called number to Softphone.Pro.

Tel: links handling


You can configure Softphone.Pro Extension to work on specific sites only. Use the Whitelist Sites section in the extension's settings.

Separate sites by a , symbol, for example:,

Whitelist sites

Extension will convert phone numbers to links on the listed sites only.