How to choose SIP account programmatically and pass ExtId when making a call

When you make calls with Softphone.Pro using external links or command line, such as:

  • callto:, sip:, tel: hyperlinks;
  • SoftphonePro.Call links in web application;
  • SoftphonePro.exe -call command line parameter;

you can pass additional parameters extid and sipid.

ExtId parameter

You can pass ExtId parameter with the link while making the call. The app will return that ID in all event handlers related to this call. This allows you to track all events related to the same call in your CRM or Helpdesk software.

SoftphonePro.exe -call +79001234567;extid=123456
<a href="callto:+79001234567;extid=123456">+7 (900) 123-45-67</a>

Softphone.Pro will automatically return that value in event handlers in %EXTID% parameter:

Extid parameter

SipId parameter

You can make calls using a specific SIP account using sipid parameter:

SoftphonePro.exe -call +79001234567;sipid=001
<a href="callto:+79001234567;sipid=001">+7 (900) 123-45-67</a>

You can set SIP account ID using Softphone.Pro configuration file or through advanced Softphone.Pro settings in Team. Before you set up SIP account IDs please make sure all SIP accounts are configured and work correctly.

Set up SipId in config file

1. Exit Softphone.Pro.

2. Open SoftphonePro.ini configuration file with a text editor and add SipId parameters to SipAccount sections:



Set up SipId in Team

1. Go to Settings - Softphone.Pro - Advanced Settings and click Create configuration template button.

Create template

2. Define Name of the template. Add [SipAccount] sections with unique names that correspond SIP accounts you want to set ID for, to the Template field. Add SipId parameter to those sections:

New template for SipId setup

3. Click Save.

4. Open Settings - Users page and click on Agent's name to edit personal settings:

Go to specific user

5. Open Softphone.Pro tab and copy your new template to a clipboard by clicking the Copy button:

Copy template tag

6. Paste template snippet in the Configuration file editor:

Paste template tag

7. Click Save.

8. Agent will see the "Please restart" message in their Softphone.Pro desktop app. Softphone.Pro will load an updated configuration file after restart.