Import phone book from CSV file

You can import your CSV file with UTF-8 encoding to Softphone.Pro address book.

For each phone number the type can be specified: Mobile, Work, Ext (Extension), Home, Other. If there type is not specified for a certain number, then the Other type is selected by default.

Download CSV file example

1. Open Contacts - Import section in Settings window:

Open Contacts - Import section

2. Select CSV file in Contacts source dropdown:

Select CSV file source

3. Click Browse button and select your CSV file:

Browse for CSV file

4. If you want to transfer calls to the persons you are going to import, enable Transfer calls to this contact checkbox. All the persons from CSV file will be displayed on Call transfer dialog window.

Transfer calls to this contact

6. If your cloud or on-site PBX supports «Presence indication» feature and your CSV file contains other PBX users, enable Enable presence indication checkbox. You also need to select an appropriate PBX SIP account.

Softphone.Pro receives presence indication by phone number with Ext type. If Contact has no extension defined then Softphone.Pro will use the fisrt phone number defined for that Contact.

Find more information on Contact presence indication.

Presence indication

7. Click Import button to start import:

Click Import button