Jabra Evolve, Engage, Biz headset series integration

Supported in Softphone.Pro 3.2 for Windows or newer

You can use Jabra headset or call control unit accessory functional buttons Answer, Reject, Hangup and Hold\Unhold to control call.

Jabra headset integration setup

1. Download and install Jabra Direct for Windows from Jabra official web-site.

2. Open Settings - Main section.

3. Enable Jabra headset integration checkbox:

Jabra headset integration

4. Click Save button.

5. Test your Jabra headset functional buttons by making a test call in Softphone.Pro.

Troubleshooting Jabra headset integration problems in Windows 7

1. Right-click the speaker icon in taskbar and choose Volume control options.

Jabra headset setup in Windows 7

2. Сheck the box next to Jabra headset sound device. Click Save button.

Jabra headset setup in Windows 7

3. If necessary, disable other audio devices except Jabra headset:

Click on the audio device icon which you want to disable in Volume mixer

Jabra headset setup in Windows 7

Select Don't use this device(disable) in Device usage field in Properties window. Click Save button.

Интеграция с гарнитурами Jabra

4. Test your Jabra headset by making a call in Softphone.Pro.